Passion for Yacht Design

With great passion in our own management, entirely designed Offshore series, newly developed tough looking motoryacht with a sophisticated underwater ship, with excellent sailing characteristics.

The well thought-out design of the Offshore series makes them very economical/economic.  In the Aluminium version they can go fast up to 20 knots with IPS or waterjet propulsion.

Large tanks in the steel version makes a very large radius of action possible which the distant destinations.  Using the current 3D techniques and methods of construction the Offshore Yachts will be built and delivered under CE.

Very stable ships with an unobstructed view around.  The ability to open a whole wheelhouse/salon roof, will experience the magic of sailing experience.

An elegant and sporty appearance on Dutch and European waters guarantees a solid investment for the future.

For the steel series and the aluminum OC series, to fell dry, this gives the sailors who don’t want to miss their sailing experience by stepping over to a fine class motoryacht.

The nights in the wild of our world heritage “the Wad” remain guaranteed.

For the Offshore OC Series with vertical clearance to 2.5 mtr is the current 11- city boat trip a carefree and beautiful boat trip.


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