Floor Heating

Comfortable floor heating is possible inside your yacht but also outside your yacht. Warmth and comfort wherever you need it, at any time, in any area!

In some cases, it is desired or recommended that the available walkable decks and gangways are being pre-heated, especially in the cold periods and in case of permanent residence aboard a ship, the solution. The final result is, that all the rooms with its own thermostat reach infallible the set temperature .

In practice, it may be that eg a bedroom that you set the thermostat at 16 º Celsius but the adjoining bathroom at 23 º C and eg a salon at 22 º Celsius and any guests room staying at 18 º Celsius.

The total heat and humidity image on board in this way is the most effective and super comfortable.







Webasto Blue Comfort systems integrate an air conditioning unit and a water heater unit in one system. Choose between heating and cooling with the touch of a button.




Kabola has developed a system in which it is not necessary to heat with radiators but by means of hot air. In addition to the simple and space-saving installation possibilities our system is unique because it can be combined with radiators. For each area, it is therefore possible to choose the most appropriate solution.








  • Heating by hot air
  • Simple and space-saving installation possibilities
  • Can be combined with radiators